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Rank Test Rules


  • Before promotion student must take and pass the required test for the next rank.
  • Any students not participating in Taekwondo at Oklahoma Taekwondo in a six month period may be required to retest for the same rank.
  • Blue belts and above will rank test only on the instructors order and recommendation.
  • Students will line up or sit according to rank and seniority with the higher rank to the front right.
  • Students will sit with backs straight, legs crossed and hands on knees.
  • No talking is allowed during the rank test.
  • When a student's name is called the student will stand immediately and say loudly "Yes, Sir!" or "Yes, Ma'am!"
  • The student will bow and move quickly to the spot indicated by the rank test official.
  • Students waiting for instruction will stand at ready position -- eyes to front.
  • When the breaking portion of the test occurs the student must do the following:
  1. Take three practice kicks to get lined up.
  2. Bow to the Masters.
  3. Break the board.
  4. Bow to the Masters again.
  5. Return to the ready position.

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